Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Kit - 10"/12"/14"/16"/22", Hardware, Cymbals, Throne - Jet Black (RS525SCC31)

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Formed from multiple plies of bonded hardwood, the drum shells are moulded to create a single air resonance chamber to project a note when the drum head is struck. ROADSHOW's bass drum, toms, and snare feature a 9-ply Poplar shell for optimum tonal power. ROADSHOW's included hardware package is second-to-none in its class. All stands are dual-reinforced, height and angle adjustable, and feature double-braced legs to withstand the pounding onslaught of the heavy-hitting drummer. With a matching shell and finish, the ROADSHOW snare is full of attack and power, yet sensitive enough for drumming at any volume. The ROADSHOW bass drum features an extended tension/tuning range for low, chest-thumping bass frequencies, and includes locking, slip-free feet (or ‘spurs'), and secure mounting for toms and accessories.

• 16" x 22" Bass Drum
• 5-1/2" x 14" Snare Drum
• 16" x 16" Floor Tom
• 9" x 12" Tom Tom
• 8" x 10" Tom Tom
• 14" Hybrid Hi-Hats
• 16" Brass Crash-Ride
• Snare Stand
• Hi-Hat Stand
• Boom Cymbal Holder
• Bass Drum Kick Pedal
• Throne
• 2x Tom Holder
• Drum Sticks, Stick Bag, Pearl Drum Poster

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