Yamaha Rydeen 5-Piece Drum Kit - 10"/12"/14"/16"/22", Hardware, Cymbals, Throne - Black Glitter (RDP2561-BLG)

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The Rydeen Series utilizes Yamaha's 680 Series hardware and features genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps and beutiful solid and glitter finishes. A versatile ball mount gives you the freedom to mount toms at any angle you want and lets you incorporate other hardware to create a configuration that’s perfect for you. The double film on the edge section of the P3-type bass drum head provides a muting effect, for a tight, powerful bass drum sound.

• Inexpensive set with great sound and included hardware
• Steel bass drum hoops with matching inlaid wrap finish
• Boom stands feature 3-section housing and extend to 6 feet
• Resin ball clamp and hexagonal rod design for quick positioning
• Paiste cymbal pack and Yamaha drum throne included!

• 16" x 22" Bass Drum (RDB2216)
• 5-1/2" x 14" Snare Drum (RDS1455)
• 15" x 16" Floor Tom (RDF1615)
• 8" x 12" Tom Tom (RDT1208)
• 7" x 10" Tom Tom (RDT1007)
• Kick Drum Pedal (FP6110A)
• Snare Stand (SS650WA)
• 2x Tom Holders (CL940LB)
• Hi-Hat Stand (HS650WA)
• 2x Boom Cymbal Stands (CS665A)
• 2x 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals (Paiste 101 Series)
• 16" Crash Cymbal (Paiste 101 Series)
• 20" Ride Cymbal (Paiste 101 Series)
• Drum Throne (DS550)

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